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Share and promote our currency mining companies, we will automatically give you bonuses by bringing others to perform here, enjoy the bonuses you receive from us.

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We have a structured affiliate program, to provide customers with an additional option to earn and profit from our company. In your account referrals section you will be able to find your affiliate link and share it with others. After other individuals use your affiliate link to register, they automatically becomes your referral.

From this point on, with all deposits that they make, you will earn 5% from them, paid instantly to your account balance. You don’t need an active deposit to earn 5% commission, and there are no affiliate fees applied - all you need to do is share our project with others and you will be rewarded.

PROMOTION FOR FACEBOOK USER If you Share Refferal Link To Facebook and You have Refferal We Will Give Upto $100 Active Deposit - Our Team Will Be Review Your Account And Sent Your Bonus ( login To your Account And Get REFFERAL LINK in Member Area)

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Standard Commission

Standard affiliate commission is applied for every member that opens an account with our company. You do not need to fill in any form or do anything to join our affiliate program. You can simply find your affiliate link in your account referrals section.

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Representatives Commission

Representatives are awarded with twice as much referral commission, which is 10% of your referral’s deposit. If you want to become a representative you have to support and promote our project in your region through any legal way possible.

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You will be able to find your referrals link as well as promotional banners in your members’ area, in the “referrals” section. Please share it with others! After a person registers using your affiliate link, they will automatically become your referral.